Steven Marcus, PhD

steven marcus When making decisions regarding participating in psychotherapy, finding the person with whom you are comfortable is essential to the process. Experience, training, and credentials are all necessary but not sufficient. Finding someone with whom you feel congenial is a significant part of the therapeutic process. As both a licensed psychologist and a licensed marriage and family therapist. I work in individual and family psychotherapy with patients who are experiencing a broad range of problems. These include depression, anxiety, and stress-related issues. I work with enhancing communication to assist people in relationships with their significant other. I work with parents regarding parenting and other communication problems. I utilize cognitive behavioral techniques in a client-centered atmosphere. As a biofeedback practitioner certified by BCIA I utilize stress management and relaxation techniques including computerized biofeedback to enhance general relaxation. I work with family issues including those who are dealing with step parenting issues and creating a blended family.

I can be reached at (813) 876-5346. My practice is located at 730 S. Sterling, Suite 102, Tampa, Florida 33609

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